Alternative cappuccino šŸŒ±

How do you like your morning coffee? I like mine short with lots of milk foam. Cappuccino definitely belongs to my morning routines. Considering the amount of milk I consume every day, it’s nutritional content (57 cal | 2.7 g fat | 4.9 g carbs) and the fact that grown-ups actually don’t need milk, I started contemplating replacing conventional cow milk with alternative products. For this reason, I tested and compared the nutritional content, the foamability and most importantly, the taste of rice milk, oat milk, soy milk and almond milk. And we have a winner!

Rice milk

  • Nutritional content: 50 cal | 1.1 g fat | 9.0 g carbs per 100 ml
  • Foability: quite poor
  • Taste: rather sweet (a bit too sweet for my taste, actually)

Oat milk

  • Nutritional content: 45 cal | 1.5 g fat | 7 g carbs per 100 ml
  • Foambility: existent but not exaggerated
  • Taste: pleasant sweetness (not as sweet as rice milk)

Soy milk

  • Nutritional content: 39 cal | 1.8 g fat | 2.5 g carbs per 100 ml
  • Foability: tight and generous
  • Taste: a subtle bitterness that grew on me over time

Almond milk

  • Nutritional content: 13 cal | 1.1 g fat | 0 g cabs per 100 ml
  • Foability: nonexistent
  • Taste: blunt and watery – not my cup of coffee

As far as taste is concerned, all tested alternative milk products, except for almond milk, are well suitable substitutes for ordinary cow milk in a vegan cappuccino. Having regard to the low carb value of almond milk, that’s a shame really. Stand-alone, I do like almond milk. But with espresso, I just ended up with a watery cappuccino. Regarding foamability, the rice milk fell through the test. It barely foamed at all. I was not only looking for a vegan alternative, though. Actually, I wanted a somewhat healthier substitute. Also taking the nutritional content into account, my winner is clear: soy milk.

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