Pasta primavera 🌱

Every once in a while I treat myself to some carbs. Since those occasions are fairly rare, I usually save them for delicious pasta. Pasta primavera literally means springtime pasta. I like to use only green greens, but obviously you can use veggies of any colour you want.

Cut (or peel) spring onions, green asparagus and snap peas into thin slices. Fry in a hot pan, taste with lime juice, salt, pepper and chopped garlic. Add almond milk and let simmer.

In the meantime, boil your pasta almost al dente. I used fussili lunghi, but obviously you can use almost any pasta of your choice.

Add the pasta and some of the pasta water to your greens and let simmer fo another minute or so, just allowing the pasta to get al dente.

Add chopped fresh basil. Plate by twirling the pasta into pretty nests. Serve as is for a vegan dish or with Parmesan slivers for a vegetarian dish. Buon appetito!

I served this dish as a primo piatto in my green springtime menu.

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