Lamb burger with a warm feta cheese dip and tahini dressing

Today, the whole family cooked together. We – i.e. my girls – picked the dish: burgers. Burgers are great because the kids can help chopping veggies and kneading the meat. And an individual burger compilation means everyone gets exactly the burger he or she wants.

My daughters chopped cucumber, tomatoes and shallots and placed them as well as lettuce and pickles on serving plates. I fried bacon and two sets of burgers – beef and lamb – and prepared the feta cheese dip and tahini dressing:

  • I started with frying the bacon.
  • For the burgers, I mixed the minced meat with salt and pepper (beef) as well as with cumin (lamb). I formed burgers and fried them in the bacon fat, for additional flavor.
  • For the feta cheese dip, I roasted feta cheese and mixed it with cream cheese and chopped fresh mint. No salt was needed, as the feta cheese was salty enough.
  • For the tahini dressing, I mixed tahini with natural soy yoghurt and lemon juice. I didn’t add any salt, as the feta cheese dip got quite salty.
  • As a very last step, I toasted traditional and whole-grain buns.

The kids had beef burgers with traditional buns, bacon, tomato, pickles and lettuce accompanied by ketchup and mayonnaise. The adults were served lamb burgers with whole-grain buns, a warm feta cheese dip, tahini dressing as well as lettuce, shallots and cucumber. Delicious!


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  1. laurabon says:

    Looks delicious ❀️

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  2. Mums! says:

    Thank you πŸ™πŸ»

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