Three overnight power breakfasts 🌱

Good morning sunshines! A power breakfast is great start into the new day. An overnight one is even better. Only a small effort in the morning is needed and – voilà – is you can kickstart your day with a healthy, vegan, low-carb meal.

Emerald: Assorted nuts, dried fruit and puffed amaranth with cashew milk and kiwifruit

  • Evening before: Mix crushed cashew nuts, macadamia nuts, grounded almonds, dried cranberries and puffed amaranth in mason jar.
  • Morning: Pour cashew milk over the muesli and top off with fresh kiwifruit.

Crimson: Oatmeal, soy yoghurt and fresh raspberries

  • Evening before: Layer soy yoghurt, oatmeal, fresh raspberries, soy yoghurt again and last layer of oatmeal in a mason jar.
  • Morning: Top off with some more fresh raspberries.

Amber: Chia pudding with coconut milk and passion fruit

  • Evening before: Mix chia seeds and coconut milk in a mason jar (ratio 1:6).
  • Morning: Top off with fresh passion fruit seeds.

A power breakfast increases your sense of satiety. I stay full until early afternoon, which is perfect when I want to practice yoga during my lunch break. Namaste!

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