Pikeperch with sautéed fennel and raisins


Have you ever tried fennel with raisins? They combine incredibly well. The first time I tried this side, I could barely believe my taste buds. It was so delicious. Add some acid to emphasize the sweet anis-taste and cream to round the whole thing up. I like serving it with a light fish, like pikeperch or pike. Preferably regionally caught.

Finely slice the fennel lengthwise and gently fry it in olive oil. Sauté with rosé wine. Add water if necessary. Season with salt and lemon juice. Add raisins and cream and simmer for another five minutes or so.

Fry the pikeperch in butter for a couple of minutes on each side (starting with the skin-side down). Salt and serve it on the sautéed fennel. For color, decorate with red radish sprouts and edible flowers and leaves.

Serve with a chilled rosé wine, like Les Jolie Filles (an assemblage of Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah) – because we’re all beautiful.


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