Rib-eye steak • Shallots • Zucchini • New potatoes

What’s your favorite steak cut? Rib-eye is definitely one of my favorite ones. It’s lusciously marbled, juicy and tender. Just melting in your mouth. Here, I’ve served it with three cute floral sides: sautéed shallots, zucchini rolls and new potato towers.

Sautéed shallots: Peel and half shallots. Sauté in a brew of white aceto balsamico, rosé wine, regional honey, salt and thyme.

Zucchini rolls: Thinly cut a zucchini lengthwise. Season with salt, coat with olive oil and grill until soft. Drizzle with concentrated black aceto balsamico. Roll together.

Potato towers: Cut the ends off of new potatoes, half and bake in a medium hot oven until soft.

Rib-eye: Fry the steak in a hot pan. Season with fleur de sel and black pepper.

Serve with the shallot brew and edible flowers. I used wild flowers blooming right now: wild garlic, red clover and heal-all.

A Salice Salentino Riserva DOP Domiziano will accompany the dish nicely.


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