Elderflower tart with meringue topping 🌱

I love experimental cooking – and baking, obviously. In particular, when the result turns out delicious. This vegan tart is a combination of the lately so popular crystal clear pumpkin pie and a very traditional lemon curd pie, with which I strongly associate a meringue topping.

Crust: Blend 1.5 dl whole grain wheat flour, 1 dl brown sugar and 50 g coconut oil. I used a generous amount of sugar as my filling was rather sour. If you’re using a sweet syrup, reduce the amount of sugar in the crust. Let the dough cool and place it into portion molds. Bake for 25 min in 175Β°C (20 minutes with baking beans and 5 minutes without).

Filling: Add 8 g agar agar to 0.5 L elderflower syrup and bring to a boil. My syrup is already quite diluted and rather sour. You might need to add water or lemon juice to yours for an optimal taste. Simmer for at least 2 minutes. Let cool slightly and then fill your tart crusts. Allow to cool completely in the fridge. Any leftover filling can be used as marmalade.

Topping: Whisk chickpea water until stiff (I used a third of the water contained in a 410 g can). Add 2 tbsp icing sugar and a squirt lime juice. Top the tarts with spoonfuls of meringue and gently torch the meringue with a culinary torch (be careful, the meringue burns easily).

Decorate with elderflowers.


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