Chicken with pickled lemons and green olives

A little over a month ago, I pickled cute small organic lemons and today, we finally got to try them. The flavor was intensely lemony. All sourness was gone and replaced by a mild tartness. Exquisite! I slow cooked them with chicken, olives, shallots, lentils and lots of spices.

Mix chicken thighs with sliced, depulped pickled lemons, green olives, chopped shallots and garlic cloves, olive oil, white wine and water, salt, grated fresh ginger, chopped fresh chili, dried turmeric, cinnamon and jeera. Bake for 1.5 h in 125°C. Halfway through, add steamed, almost soft mountain lentils.

Decorate with fresh parsley and serve with sheep yoghurt mixed with lime juice, fleur de sel and chopped fresh mint.


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