Steamed salmon on a lukewarm potato and radish salad with tarragon dressing


Steamed fish with boiled potatoes is as Nordic as food can get. We used to eat fish pretty much every day during my childhood Summer vacation. Which lasted ten to eleven weeks. No wonder fish is a soul food mine. This is a fast dinner recipe for a busy work day.

Steam or boil quartered young potatoes and multicolored radish. While still hot, mix with a dressing made of olive oil, white aceto balsamico, honey Dijon mustard, chopped fresh tarragon, fleur de sel and black pepper.

At the same time, briefly marinate salmon in lemon juice and salt and steam for 10-15 minutes.

Serve the fish on top of the salad and decorate with edible flowers (like daisies). Smaklig måltid!


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