Feta cheese with cantaloupe and beluga lentil salad and fresh spinach 💚

I had this dish some years ago in a hip, local-oriental restaurant in Zurich called Bebek. It’s a really simple dish, where the harmonic combination of sweet and salty will make your mouth go wild.

Start with the melon and lentil salad by boiling beluga lentils for 30 minutes. Cut the pulp of a cantaloupe melon (or any other sweet melon of your choice) into cubes. Chop fresh mint, oregano and lemon thyme and mix it with the lentils and melon cubes. Taste with a dressing made of olive oil, white aceto balsamico, orange juice, black pepper and fleur de sel.

Fill a serving bowl with washed fresh spinach. Place the feta cheese as a bulk or divided into smaller regular or irregular pieces (I prefer the latter one) in the middle. Arrange the melon and lentil salad in the periphery and decorate with chive blossoms. Enjoy as is or with a nice piece of grilled meat.


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