Pimientos de Padrón • Halloumi • Raspberries • Herbs 💚

This is another simple dish where different tastes come together nicely: a sweet sourness of the raspberries, a gentle saltiness of the halloumi and an earthy bitterness of the green peppers. Plated elegantly, this dish could even be mistaken for haute cuisine.

Pimientos de Padrón: Drizzle the small green peppers with olive oil and roast them for 20 minutes in 180°C. Season with fleur de sel.

Halloumi: Dice the halloumi and roast it for 20 minutes in 180°C. I roasted the peppers and cheese simultaneously.

Herbal olive oil: Finely chop lemon thyme, oregano, parsley and lemon balm. Mix the herbs with olive oil and fleur de sel.

Place the peppers, halloumi and fresh raspberries on a thin layer of herbal olive oil. Decorate with edible flowers (like carnations).


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