Culinary Moominworld

According to Moominmamma, whose main concern is the physical well-being of her beloved ones, “all fun is good for the stomach”. And great fun it is in Moominworld in Naantali. You can hug the fluffy Moomins, listen to the intriguing dialogue between Mrs Fillyjonk and the Police Inspector and sing along with Little My. And on top of that, you can enjoy Finnish (fast) food in a Tove Jansson inspired fairytale world.

Makkaraperunat (Vienna sausage with curly French fries)

Did you know that the Vienna sausage is called Knackwurst in German because of the cracking sound when it breaks? So it’s an onomatopoeic word, really. The Vienna sausages in Moominworld were served with curly French fries (for your inner child), fried chicken and mozzarella sticks (for more variation), fresh veggies (for a better consciousness) and, last but not least, tons of condiments: ketchup, mustard, paprika mayonnaise, mojo rojo and relish (to compensate for the vitamins in the veggies).

Relish with mustard – a definitive must to your makkaraperunat!

Sugar-coated cardamom doughnut holes

Finnish doughnuts are just the holes (not the rings) and sugar-coated (no icing, that is). Usually, they are filled with jam (however, the ones in Moominworld weren’t). And – like all other Finnish sweet brioche – they have a taste of cardamom. The pieces of crushed cardamom will explode in your mouth with every bite you take and create a unique taste sensation. I love it!

Can you eat an entire sugar-coated doughnut without licking your mouth?

Liquirice by the metre

Liquorice is my ultimate treat. Those of you who read my blog regularly know that already. There are so many wonderful tastes and structures: sweet, salty, chocolaty, minty, berry, fruity, citrusy, soft, crispy, chewy, hard. My favorite one is a combination of soft sweet and salty liquorice – noitapilli (Witch Whistle). I just can’t get enough!

How many metres would you like to have?


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