Culinary Bodö


The Finnish archipelago has an extensive network of guest harbors. Some guest harbors offer full service with electricity, WC, sauna and showers, washing machines, restaurants, shops, WiFi and repair facilities whereas the infrastructure in other harbors can be quite limited. Bodö in the middle of the Archipelago National Park (N59°54,49′ E21°45,00′) is an example of the latter one.

Bodö is a former coast guard station with only 15 boat places and almost no electricity and tap water, as these resources are scarce in the archipelago. The picturesque atmosphere, breathtaking landscape, child-friendly location and excellent service compensate the lack of some actually totally dispensable elements.

Last but not least, the food served on Bodö is delicious. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. What a feast!

Bodö burger with a locally baked soft bun, a tasty regional organic patty and homemade sweet pickled onions – the amazing signature dish of the island

Wild blueberry pie – a true taste of summer

Oatmeal porridge with butter eye and caster sugar – soul food for breakfast


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