Salad with blackberries, pecans and cheese

First day in a hot town after two weeks of sea breeze in the archipelago. Torture. Not just because I had to take a break in my vacation. The city is sticky hot. Literally. I shouldn’t complain about the summery temperatures. In winter, I’ll sure miss them. And I don’t. I just complain about my whereabouts. My preferred place at the moment would be in a swaying hammock under the lakeside trees with a glass of cold rosé in my hand. Fortunately, tomorrow by this time, I’ll be back by the lake. For now, a fresh salad will need to do.

Cover young salad leaves, pea sprouts and thin apple slices in a slice of cheese of your choice. I used a mild Luzerner Rahmkäse. Serve on a mirror of virgin olive oil mixed with black aceto balsamico. Decorate with blackberries, pecans, cress leaves as well as corn flower and marigold petals.


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