Two-ingredient chocolate cake with one-ingredient coconut ice cream


What’s your take on all those lifehack recipes online? I feel curious about them, to be honest. Curious enough to test them. And today, I tested the 2-ingredient Chocolate Cake by Tasty containing only chocolate and eggs. Was it a disaster? Was it a success? At first bite, I was not completely convinced, I must admit. The cake resembled a chocolaty omelet – which, given the ingredients, doesn’t really surprise. But the cake grew on me. And, funnily enough, it disappeared quite quickly. My younger daughter loved it (obviously, because otherwise she wouldn’t have taken a second piece, as she very accurately pointed out). My older one thought it was a bit bitter. That she solved by dusting powdered sugar over it (and transforming it into a three-ingredient cake). The cake was not only a tasty treat, however, it was easy and great fun to prepare with the kids: My daughters helped me with practically every step of the recipe. And on top of that (I start sounding like a TV shop presenter, don’t I?), the recipe contains no additional fat, sugar or flour. I think that speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

For my cake, I used 200 g of dark, semi-sweet chocolate (54 % sugar) and 4 eggs (whites and yolks separated). I melted the chocolate and beat the egg whites until stiff. I added the yolks, one by one, to the chocolate, stirring in between and then carefully folded the whites into the chocolate. I transferred the batter into a cake mold lined with parchment paper (no additional ingredients needed!) and baked the cake for 30 minutes in 170°C.

I served the cake with frozen coconut milk (light version with only 10 % fat) and decorated it with mallow blossom.


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