Dinner for fourteen

Yesterday, we hosted a dinner party for my husband’s enchanting office colleagues. Five appetizers. Three courses, all served plated. Loads of planning, grocery shopping, cooking and table setting. Now you know why I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve been preparing. And this is the outcome:

I went for appetizers with lots of flavors and suitable to prepare in advance: three hummus variations, rosemary roasted almonds and lemon marinated olives. These treats I prepared the evening before.

As a starter, I served a celeriac apple soup with a warm smoked trout and chives add-in accompanied by bread and floral butter. The soup, I prepared a week in advanced and froze it. The add-in and the butter, I mixed together on D-day.

The main course, I cooked last weekend and stored it in the freezer: Ossobuco alla Milanese. The veggie sides – roasted tomatoes, steamed heirloom carrots and parsnip chips – I cooked a couple of days in advance. I only had to prepare the rest of the sides – a gooey bramata and a spicy gremolata – right before serving.

  • All components of the dessert, I prepared well in advance: a chocolate lava cake with salty caramel macadamia ice cream, chili chocolate sauce, gingery preserved pears and boozy Williams brandy jelly.
  • The recipes will follow.
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