Appetizers 🌱

Drinks and nibbles – that’s how to kick off a dinner party right. These delicious, vegan treats – carrot with paprika powder hummus, beetroot with cumin hummus and green pea with tarragon hummus as well as rosemary roasted almonds and lemon marinated olives – will surely amaze your guests.

Hummus variations

Blend 500 g canned chickpeas (inkl. the aquafaba), 2 tbsp tahini, 2 tsp fleur de sel and a generous drizzle olive oil until smooth. Divide it into three batches.

  • Carrot hummus with paprika powder: Flavor one of the batches with 400 g carrot mash and paprika powder.
  • Beetroot hummus with cumin: Flavor another batch with 400 g beetroot mash and cumin.
  • Green pea hummus with tarragon: Flavor the last batch with 400 g green pea mash and tarragon.

Rosemary roasted almonds

Roast peeled almonds in some olive oil in a medium hot pan until golden. Season with rosemary and fleur de sel.

Lemon marinated olives

Marinate green and black olives (I used Kalamata, Leccino and Halkidiki) in lemon juice and zest, finely chopped fresh red chili, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, paprika powder, parsley, oregano and basil.

I served these snacks as appetizers at our dinner for fourteen.

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