Trout • Apple • Celeriac • Chives

This soup combines a smoky fish piquancy, a tart autumn apple note, subtly earthy celeriac flavors and an oniony chive aroma. It’s easy to make, low on carbs and it plates beautifully. In other words: perfect for your next dinner party.

Soup: Peel and chop celeriac and apple, half and half. Boil them in salted water and a splash of white wine until tender. Blend until smooth. Check the taste – add more salt if needed – and texture – add more liquid if needed. Add crème fraîche right before plating for optimal smoothness.

Add-in: Finely chop warm smoked trout fillets and mix them with finely chopped chives and crème fraîche. Season with lemon pepper.

Assembly: Place a spoonful of the add-in in the middle of a soup plate. Carefully surround with soup and decorate with an edible flower (like a chrysanthemum blossom).

I served this soup as a starter at our dinner for fourteen.

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  1. Mums! says:

    Thank you, dear 🙏🏻😘


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