Duck and scallops accompanied by beetroot and orange

Sous vide duck a l’orange with pan seared scallops – doesn’t that sound scrumptious? It’s a surf and turf marriage made in heaven.

Sous vide duck: Score a diamond pattern through the fat of the duck breast with a sharp knife. Be careful not to score the meat. Starting with the fat side down, pan sear the duck. Salt the meat and transfer it into a bag. Add the peel of an orange (the orange part only) and vacuum seal. Sous vide at 58°C for at least one and a half hours. Remove the meat from the bag and re-sear in a hot pan for crispiness.

Sweet potato mash: Steam peeled and chopped sweet potatoes. Add a generous dollop butter, season with salt and mash.

Thymed beets: Boil baby beetroots. Peel and quarter them. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and thyme. Roast in a medium hot oven until the surface turns crunchy.

Sautéed orange: Sauté orange fillets in some juice for a short second.

Sauce: Prepare a roux of equal parts of frying fat from the duck and flour. Add white wine, water, some black aceto balsamico and tomato paste. Season with salt and Worcestershire sauce. Reduce until thickish. Before serving, add the duck juices from the vacuum bag and orange juice.

Scallops: Right before serving, quickly sear the scallops in duck fat. Season with fleur de sel.

Assembly: Place the duck and scallops as well as beetroot quarters and orange fillets on a smear of sweet potatoes. Serve the sauce separately.

I served this dish as the secondo piatto in my seven course tasting menu.

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