Blueberry and orange infused water 🌱

We had some friends over for afternoon tea the other day. To mark the occasion, I decided to fancy up my H2O. It turned out a real eye catcher, didn’t it?

In a pitcher, place ice cubes, blueberries, orange slices and mint leaves. Squeeze in the juice of the orange ends and fill up with water. Enjoy!


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  1. Joy says:

    One of my favorite fruit infused waters too! Love your pitcher!

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  2. Mums! says:

    Thank you so much, love 🙏🏻😘 It’s a Kartio pitcher by Iittala – Finnish design at its finest 🇫🇮

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  3. Simply Fabulicious says:

    Got to try that although it’s coming to winter here in New Zealand and I’m getting out the hot tea rather than the water jug but all said hot tea can have dried fruit to pretty it up so I should just get cracking and less lazy with the presentation

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  4. Mums! says:

    You’re so very right 💪🏼 Hot water deserves to be pretty, too 🥰 Thank you so much for your lovely comment 🙏🏻 Have a wonderful day 😘

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