Crudités on peppered goat cheese 💚

Crudités is the fancy French word for “raw things” within the meaning of veggie dippers. Fancy words call for fancy plating, don’t you think?

Clean and halve or quarter baby carrots, French breakfast radish and snack cucumbers lengthwise. Stick into a generous dollop goat cheese seasoned with black pepper. Decorate with baby carrot tops and redvein dock and well as clover, daisy and geranium blossom.


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  1. Artistic and delicious looking. I’m ready to dig in. What a great presentation idea. I’m going to try that!

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  2. Mums! says:

    Thank you, dear Walter, for your kind words 🙏🏻 Highly appreciated 🥰 Feel free to share your dish 🍽
    Have a lovely day ☀️😘🍀


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