Poached yellow and purple cauliflower on sourdough rye crisp soil and soft boiled eggs drizzled with buerre noisette πŸ’š

When I was I child, one of my favorite veggie dishes was poached cauliflower drizzle with butter, coated with breadcrumbs and chopped hard boiled eggs and broiled in the oven. This is a decomposed and pimped-up version of my fond childhood dish.

Poach purple and yellow cauliflower until soft. Season with fleur de sel. In the meantime, boil eggs for 7 minutes, cool in ice cold water and then peel and slice. For the brown butter, melt butter on low heat until the butterfat sinks to the bottom and starts to brown. Once the butter has reached a nutty, brown colour, taste with fleur de sel and remove from the heat.

Assemble by placing egg slices on crushed sourdough rye crispbreads. Season with fleur de sel and decorate with poached cauliflower clusters. Drizzle with beurre noisette.


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