Pumpkin • Amaretti • Sage • Butter

Pumpkin with bitter almond cookies is a traditional combination originating from Lombardy in Northern Italy. It’s usually wrapped into pasta and paired with sage beurre noisette and quince or pear mustard. This is my low-carb variation of that traditional Italian treat. Steam pumpkin until soft. Mash and taste with quince mustard and fleur de sel….

Figs • Parma ham • Ricotta • Olive herb

Never change a winning team! That’s what I though, when I created this plating exercise around some of Italy’s finest ingredients. On a dollop ricotta, place fig slices and Parma ham in an overlapping circle. Top the figs with olive herb. Surround with roasted pine nuts, olive oil drizzle, balsamic vinegar pearls and geranium petals.

Meringue with double cream and blueberries 🇨🇭

Just over a week ago, Silvie from Citronelle and Cardamome reached out to me regarding her attempt to promote the Swiss culinary heritage on the blogosphere. That’s a project worthy of support, I though, and didn’t hesitate to confirm my engagement. Every Thursday, a sweet and a savory dish featuring the cuisine of Switzerland are…

Tea smoked duck with tamarind plums

I’ve been watching lots of The Chefs’ Line on Netflix lately. In one episode, the task was to prepare Zhangcha duck. I was intrigued by how uncomplicated it seemed to smoke meat at home and decided to give it a go. Remove silver skin and excess fat from a duck breast. Score the fat (just…

Minted tzatziki on citrusy lamb loin

Cucumber and garlic are two of the ingredients in this month’s Food Blog Challenge basket by Foodblogs Schweiz. Cucumber and garlic are also two of the key ingredients in tzatziki. In this dish, I serve it on beautifully seared lamb loin with pleasant citrusy notes. Shred and drain a cucumber. Drain 150 g Greek yoghurt….

Blueberry • Apricot • Blackberry • Cinnamon

Today is the beginning of the new school year in my hometown. I’ve made it a custom to take the first day of school off. This way, I’ve time to finish any unfinished business. Time to get settled. Time for myself. And most importantly, time for blogging. Up next: Cinnamoned apricot mousse on blueberry soup….

Fennel • Carrot • Onion • Tamarind 💚

When experimenting in the kitchen, I like combining components with different textures. Soft. Crunchy. Creamy. Chewy. You’ll find all these textures in this dish: Grilled fennel with a fresh carrot green salad, tart pickled red onions and a sweet tamarind dressing. Start with the pickled onions. Bring the pickling liquid consisting of one part water…

Grilled squash flowers with cream cheese and baby herbs 💚

We returned to Switzerland earlier this week only to find our kitchen garden hideously overgrown. Time to turn the green treasures into something beautiful. Halve the squash still attached to the flower. Sear in olive oil and season with fleur de sel. Spread with cream cheese and decorate with baby leaves of basil, mint, lemon…