Fennel • Carrot • Onion • Tamarind 💚

When experimenting in the kitchen, I like combining components with different textures. Soft. Crunchy. Creamy. Chewy. You’ll find all these textures in this dish: Grilled fennel with a fresh carrot green salad, tart pickled red onions and a sweet tamarind dressing.

Start with the pickled onions. Bring the pickling liquid consisting of one part water and one part white aceto balsamico seasoned with salt, sugar, white pepper and bay leaf to the boil and pour it over halved red onion bulbs. Pickle for at least one day.

Halve the fennel bulbs and sauté them in olive oil, maple leave syrup and water until tender. Season with fleur de sel.

Mix a dressing consisting of 2 parts quark and 1 part tamarind paste. Season with lime juice and fleur de sel.

Marinate carrot tops in some pickling liquids mixed with olive oil.

Assemble by decorating fennel topped with dressing with onion, carrot tops and fresh red currants.


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