Pumpkin β€’ Mizuna β€’ Nori β€’ Wasabi 🌱

More experimental cooking – this time inspired by the terrific Japanese cuisine. In this dish, the sweetness and softness of the pumpkin are complemented by the saltiness and crispness of the seaweed. The spiciness of the wasabi, which is mirrored in the decoration, elevates the dish from ordinary to extraordinary. And the dish is completely plant based. Did I mention that?

Drizzle pumpkin donuts with olive oil, taste with salt and roast in a medium hot pan until crisp and golden.

Roast peanuts and season with salt.

Simmer nori and diced pumpkin in some water until tender. Strain though a fine sieve and season the liquid with salt and wasabi. Mix the remaining solids with soy cream and season with salt and wasabi.

Spread solids on a pumpkin donut. Decorate with roasted peanuts, nori and chrysanthemum blossom as well as mizuna. Pour the soup into the donut hole and serve immediately.

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