Tomato consommé 🌱

And the series of food challenges continue. Today, I’m participating in the Int’l Food Challenge featuring tomatoes and bell peppers. I decided to create a plant-based dish around tomatoes, as these beauties ripen in our kitchen garden as I write. The herbs and flowers are also own-grown.

Gently roast 1 kg chopped, sun ripe tomatoes, 2 shallots and garlic to your liking in a dry pan. Taste with salt, black pepper, rosemary, thyme, mint and sage. Cover with water and simmer for a couple of hours. Pass though a muslin cloth. As no fat was added, the consommé won’t need additional clarification.

Serve the consommé warm or chilled surrounded by halved cherry tomatoes decorated with basil, mint, wood-sorrel and cress leaves as well as chrysanthemum petals.

Do you want to participate too? These are the rules for the September challenge:

  • Create a sweet or savory dish with tomatoes and/or bell peppers.
  • Publish the recipe on your Instagram account or on your blog prior to September 20, 2019.
  • Mention that you participate in the food challenge with tomatoes and peppers organized by the Int’l Food Challenge team.
  • Add the hashtag #hellotomatoandpepperchallenge
  • Mention at least two members of team: @citronelleandcardamome @elena_gnani @gourmet.gaze @hanan.khufash @ingenieraentrefogones @kitchen_diaries_by_zubda @marta.vals @mussarafood_mtllaurado @my_api_life @ramenelapopotte @sobrillasblog @thegarden_of_delights @unamericanatragliorsi
  • Each team member will select one recipe, test it and post it on September 27, 2019. With some luck, yours might be selected!