Corn quartet 🌱

Corn is a super versatile produce available throughout the year in different forms: fresh, canned, dried. In Switzerland, corn is in season right now and I couldn’t resist creating a dish around these different forms of corn. Charred fresh mini corncobs. Canned sweet corn in a pungent salsa. Tangy chili popcorns. And last but not least, smooth and creamy Bramata polenta. A plant-based corn quartet.

Steam one part Bramata polenta in two and a half parts water seasoned with salt until soft. Mix with soy cream.

Pop popcorn kernels in a covered pan with medium hot olive oil seasoned with chili. Season with salt.

Mix canned corn with passion fruit as well as finely chopped chili, onion greens, ginger and cilantro. Season with fleur de sel.

On the grill, char mini corncobs. Season with fleur de sel.

Serve the polenta topped with salsa next to the cobs. Decorate with popcorn.


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