Wild game

Did I tell you that I bought a deer from a befriended hunter? As in an entire animal. 9 kg meat. This is one of the dishes I created featuring wild game: Saddle of venison with king oyster mushroom topped with boar salami, deep-fried pumpkin brunoise and poached Brussels sprouts next to caramelized chestnut purée with pear sauce.

Chestnut: Start by steaming peeled chestnuts in some prosecco tasted with fleur de sel and brown sugar until tender and then mash.

Pear: At the same time, simmer peeled and diced pear in some prosecco and white aceto balsamico seasoned with fleur de sel, black pepper, rosemary and cinnamon until soft. Blend into a sauce.

Boar salami: In the meantime, render the fat of sliced boar salami.

Saddle of venison: In the fat of the boar salami, sear the saddle of venison and taste with fleur de sel and black pepper. Place into a preheated oven and allow the internal temperature to reach 55-60°C. The hotter the oven is, the faster the meat will be done. Rest the meat prior to serving.

King oyster mushroom: While the meat is in the oven, fry halved king oyster mushrooms in olive oil. Season with fleur de sel.

Pumpkin: Deep-fry brunoised pumpkin in olive oil. Season with fleur de sel.

Brussels sprouts: Poach Brussels sprouts in water. Season with fleur de sel.

Serve a piece of meat next to a mushroom decorated with salami, pumpkin and Brussels sprouts and next to sauce surrounded by purée decorate with fresh thyme.

I created this dish on the occasion of the Food Blog Challenge by Foodblogs Schweiz. This month’s food basket contained corn, cauliflower, mushroom, chestnut, pear and quince.

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  1. Laci says:

    This sounds wonderful!

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  2. Thank you so much, dear 🥰🙏🏻😘

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