Jacket potatoes with cheese (Gschwellti mit Chäs)🇨🇭

Gschwellti mit Chäs – or jacket potatoes with cheese – is my contribution to the Swiss Food Discovery project this week. It’s as simple as that, boiled or steamed unpeeled, firm potatoes served with an assortment of Swiss cheeses. Hard cheeses. White mold cheeses. Soft cheeses. Cream cheeses. Serve pickles and even a green salad on the side, if you’re going for a more fancy version.

Pickle vegetables of your choice (I pickled pumpkin, radish and onion) in a pickling liquid seasoned with bay leaf, chili, mustard seeds and cinnamon for at least two days.

Boil or steam potatoes (I went for young, blue and orange sweet ones) until tender. Serve with the pickles and an assortment of Swiss cheese, e.g. Tête de Moine, Appenzeller and Mutschli. Decorate with chrysanthemum blossom.

The second dish this week is prepared by Tamara from Cakes, Cookies and more.

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  1. Chacha says:

    Appenzeller ❤

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  2. Citronelle and Cardamome says:

    Hi Heidi, Thank you for being part of our Swiss Food Project to promote the culinary heritage of Switzerland. This Jacket potatoes with cheese dish is called in the French Swiss part “Des rondes”. A delish dish that is very quickly prepared. I love it. Best. Silvie

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  3. Thanks to you, dear Silvie, for initiating and managing this project. Also for me, it’s a great way of getting to know the Swiss cuisine better. Take care, honey 🥰🙏🏻😘


  4. Citronelle and Cardamome says:

    My pleasure Heidi.

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