Grape • Pumpkin • Chanterelle • Rice 💚

Playing with colors – that’s what this dish is all about. And autumn flavors.

Prepare the risotto by sautéing chopped shallot, garlic and Gioiello rice is some olive oil. Taste with salt and add some red wine. Allow the rice to absorb and, little by little, add hot water. Once cooked, add black aceto balsamico, butter and vegetarian hard cheese of your choice.

Fry pumpkin dices in olive oil until crisp on the outside and tender inside. Taste with fleur de sel.

Sauté grapes in some red wine. Taste with salt and black pepper. Reduce somewhat and add cream.

Fry chanterelles in a dry pan. Taste with fleur de sel, black pepper, butter and lemon juice.

Assemble by placing pumpkin, grapes and mushrooms on the risotto. Decorate with rose petals and thyme leaves.