Avocado mousse

Chocolated avocado mousse has been really trendy lately. I’ve been keen on giving it a go, but never found the right occasion. Until now. Silvie from Citronelle and Cardamome made a wonderful avocado mousse that I decide to replicate as a part of the Cook my dish collaboration. Again, with my twist. Here accompanied by chocolate nibs, candied peanuts and crème chantilly on a chilied chocolate sauce.

Melt 100 g dark chocolate with 50 g cream and a pinch chili.

Melt 50 g white chocolate and blend with an avocado and the juice of half a lime. Gently fold in 75 ml whipped cream.

Decorate a smear of sauce with chocolate nibs and candied peanuts as well as avocado mousse and more whipped cream (sweetened to your liking). Finish off with rose blossom.


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