Flambéed citrus salad on brûléed rice pudding

Today is December 2, which means it’s my turn to cook for the 25 Days of Christmas Collab hosted by lovely Silvie from Citronelle and Cardamome and charming Antonia & Nina from Two Sisters Living Life. I decided to go for a dish from my fatherland called Ris à la Malta. Basically, it’s rice pudding fluffed up with whipped cream and seasoned with vanilla, oranges and almond. This Christmas desert originates from Denmark, where it’s called Risalamande meaning rice with almond. As one can see, the Swedish name is a corruption of the danish name, rather than a designation of origin. Culinarily facts are so much fun, aren’t they? Anyhow, my dish is a deconstructed version of this very traditional Scandinavian treat.

For the rice pudding, simmer one part rice in three parts milk seasoned with vanilla extract and brown sugar until tender. Allow to cool completely and the add whipped cream for a fluffier texture.

Sauté slices of kumquats and peeled mandarin in sugar syrup. Add orange fillets and flambé in Cointreau.

Cover a smear of pudding with brown sugar. Allow to suck up some moisture and then caramelize with a kitchen torch. Arrange the citrus salad next to the pudding. Decorate with fresh lemon balm leaves and almond flambéed in Amaretto.


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  1. dpranita583 says:

    My favorite salad.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It truly is a fantastic salad 🍊🧡💫


  3. Citronelle and Cardamome says:

    Thank you sweetie for this gorgeous recipe which is perfect for the #25daysofxmasfood. It’s a pleasure to have you onboard for this worldwide project.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you so much for hosting this amazing collab, dearie! I very much enjoyed being a part of it 🎄💫🥰


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