Scallop carpaccio with oca and mashua

Today, Finland celebrates 102 years of independence. For me as a Finn, December 6 is correspondingly special. I try to pay homage to Finland’s war veterans and reflect on the luck of peacetime. Culinary-wise, we enjoy traditional Finnish dishes, sometimes with a twist. Seafood and potatoes are typical to the Finnish cuisine. This year, clams and tubers not indigenous to Finland were the protagonists on the table, though.

Thinly slice scallops (I used a mandoline). Marinate in mandarin juice seasoned with fleur de sel for a couple of minutes.

Arrange the scallop slices in an overlapping layer. Decorate with thinly sliced oca and mashua as well as geranium petals and carnation petals.

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  1. Citronelle and Cardamome says:

    What a beautiful dish. It’s a masterpiece perfect for this Season. Well done my friend. Best. Silvie

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  2. Thank you so much, sweetheart! Happy Holidays 💫🎄💝


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