Wine braised beef (Suure Mocke)🇨🇭

Suure Mocke – literally a sour chunk – is the ultimate feast meal in my home canton. Wine braised beef is technically speaking a rather simple dish. However, it’s quite time-consuming. Five days of brining and four hours of braising. Fortunately, in terms of taste, it’s well worthwhile.

Brine 1.2 kg beef clod in 1 bottle red wine tasted with 50 ml black aceto balsamico, one chopped carrot, parsnip and shallot as well as a cinnamon stick, spring of thyme, bay leaf, clove and black pepper for five days. Remove the meat and tap it dry. Sear it together with chopped carrot, celeriac and parsnip as well as pickled borettana onions in olive oil. Tastes with salt and black pepper and transfer to a oven dish. Remove the herbs and veggies from the brine and bring it to the boil. Skim, if necessary, and then pour it over the meat and the fresh veggies. Taste with some more black aceto balsamico and fresh thyme. Cover the oven dish and braise in the at 150°C for 4 hours.

Remove the meat and some of the veggies. Cut the meat into slices. Prepare the gravy by blending the rest of the veggies with the brine.

Serve the meat with gravy, braised veggies, oven-baked red potatoes as well as steamed parsnip, yellow and orange carrots. Decorate with fresh thyme.

I prepared this dish for the Swiss Food Discovery project. The other dishes this week are presented by Alicja from, Anna from My Sweet Mouette and Tamara from Cakes, Cookies and more.

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