Gravlax with grapes, cucumber and horseradish

Gravlax – or cured salmon – is a fond tradition for me. We usually enjoy it lightly salted and lightly cured, but if you like a stronger, heavier version, feel free to play around with the amount of salt and time in the fridge. And seasoning, obviously.

Use a pair salmon filets of sushi quality, skin on, bones off. Carefully rub the meat with coarse salt and sugar (you’ll need approximately 1 tbsp of salt and sugar per 350 g fish) and taste with fresh dill and white pepper to your liking. Place the two filets on each other, meat sides together. Wrap in parchment paper and place in a dish larger than the fish. Weight down with another dish and then place into the fridge for 24 hours. Flip halfway through. Remove excess salt and slice thinly.

Decorate the gravlax with freshly grated horseradish and serve next to cucumber and grape slices as well as crème fraîche decorated with mustard greens.

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  1. Sybaritica says:

    Very nice. I am bookmarking this.

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  2. I’m glad to read that! Please feel free to share the outcome, if you try the recipe 🥰🐟💙


  3. Re-Farmer says:

    Thanks for posting about this! I’ve only ever seen gravlax at Ikea, and have never tried it. I didn’t realize it was so easy to make!

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  4. Hettie D. says:

    It’s THAT easy?! Wow! I am in! When you are saying ‘the sushi quality,” how I can judge that?

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  5. It absolutely is! Please feel free to share the result, if you ever give it a go 💫🐟

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  6. It’s THAT easy, indeed! Just ask your fishmonger. He should know. And be able to ensure the quality. If you’re not fishing yourself, there’s no way of judging apart from the obvious smell, look and feel test. I hope that helps! Please feel free to share the outcome!

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