Sweet potato pudding with apple roses and roasted walnuts 🌱

Last year, my older daughter and I decided to cut the refined sugar in January. Luckily enough, a sugar ban doesn’t equal a dessert ban. So far, we’ve came up with a handful of sweet treats without refined sugar, one of which I’m about to share with you now.

Sweet potato pudding: Mix 100 ml spelt semolina with 100 ml grated sweet potato, 200 water and 1 tsp vanilla extract. Steam or simmer until soft. Allow to cool completely in the fridge and then cut out rounds.

Apple spheres and roses: Marinate thinly sliced apple and apple spheres in equal parts of maple leaf syrup and lemon juice until the slices start to soften.

Assemble by arranging pudding, apple slices folded into roses and apple spheres on a plate. Drizzle the pudding with marinade. Decorate with roasted walnuts, sweet potato chips and baby leaves of lemon balm.

I created this dish on the occasion of the January challenge hosted by Foodblogs Schweiz.

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