Jerusalem artichoke hash browns (Topinaburröschti) with onion muesli (Zibelemüesli) and caviar 🇨🇭

Some time ago, my in-laws bravely decided to give up their beautiful house and to move into a considerably smaller apartment. As a consequence, a part of their movables didn’t fit into their new home. Books, amongst others. Luckily enough, all cook books found refugee in our home. One of the cook books featured the culinary tradition of the Bernese Seeland, a region known for its vegetables. The dish I’m presenting today for the Swiss Food Discover hosted by dear Silvie, contains two veggie components originating from this very region combined with an extraordinary produce from the Swiss alps.

Jerusalem artichoke hash browns: Simmer Jerusalem artichokes until tender. Allow to cool, then peel and grate. Salt to taste and fry in olive oil on medium heat until golden. Make sure not to move the grated artichoke around. Rather press together gently, either into one big rösti or several smaller ones. Once nice and crisp, turn (onto a plate and then slide back into the pan, in case of a big one) and continue frying until goldenen the other side as well.

Onion muesli: Peel and halve yellow onions. Slice thinly, salt to taste and sauté in olive oil until brown. Powder with flour, fry for a moment and then cover with water. Taste with black pepper and nutmeg. Simmer until the water is gone and the onion is tender. Taste with white aceto balsamico.

Arrange muesli next to the rösti. Top with Swiss Alpine caviar (there’s a caviar production in Frutigen, Switzerland) and decorate with dried flower petals.

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  1. L.K. Latham says:

    interesting idea of Jerusalem artichokes. Will have to try.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Please do! The taste is wonderful. At least according to me 😋 Super objektive, I know 😂


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