Vegan: Apple and Potato 🌱

In the Swiss cuisine, there’s a variety of dishes featuring apple and potato. On this plate, I’ve combined a few of them in a completely new manner. And you know the best part? It’s completely vegan.

Mashed apples and potatoes: Boil two parts peeled potatoes with one part peeled apple. Taste with salt. Once soft, mash.

Sautéed apples and potatoes: Finley dice peeled apples and Rosa Emmalie potatoes. Taste with salt and nutmeg and sauté in olive oil until firm to the bite.

Apple cider vinegar potatoes: Peel Purple Congo potatoes. In salted water, simmer until soft. Taste with cloves and apple cider vinegar and coat with oat cream.

Apple and potato chips: With a mandoline, finely slice peeled apple and potato. Separate the slices and dry them at 80°C for a couple of hours.

Assemble by placing acid potatoes on a line of mash. Decorate with dices and chips.

This week, I’m proud to refer to myself as a food expert for On this occasion, I’ll share with you five plant-based dishes, one for every week day. Yesterday, I presented S’mores. Tomorrow, I’ll share a dessert featuring pear.


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