Vegan Agretti on Borlotti Bean Soup 🌱

The agretti season is very short. A couple of weeks only. I appreciate this succulent quite a lot and buy it whenever I see it. The fresh crunch, tangy grassiness and mellow citrus notes. Just fantastic! In this recipe, I combined it with a silky bean soup. Buon appetito!

Boil borlotti beans (use dried or canned ones) with chopped shallot and garlic as well as dried basil, chili, salt and black pepper until super tender. Taste with apple cider vinegar for acidity and soy cream for silkiness. Blend until smooth.

Clean and blanch agretti for a couple of minutes. Season with fleur de sel.

Twirl the agretti into a nest and surround with soup. Decorate with primerose petals and halved borlotti beans.


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