Vegan Dalgona Coffee with a Trio of White Asparagus 🌱

Have you already tried Dalgona coffee – the latest viral trend on social media? It’s a luscious and rich drink consisting of equal parts of instant coffee, sugar and hot water whipped until creamy and served with hot or iced milk. The name derives from the Koran name for its famous honeycomb toffee, to which the beverage is similar in taste and appearance. I decided to take this whipped coffee to the next level and serve it with a trio of white asparagus.

Asparagus panna cotta: Peel the stems of white asparagus. Chop the asparagus and simmer in salted water until tender. Mix until smooth, add soy cream for a silky consistency. Per 500 ml liquid, add 8 g agar agar. Bring to the boil and simmer for at least two minutes. Transfer to portion molds and allow to set in the fridge.

Fried asparagus: Cut peeled stems of white asparagus diagonally. Finely chop shallots. In a medium hot pan, fry the asparagus and shallots. The veggies are ready, when they are firm to the bite. Season with lemon juice and fleur de sel.

Dalgona coffee: Whip equal parts of instant coffee, sugar and hot water (you’ll need one teaspoon of each per person) until creamy. The time will vary depending on equipment. I used a handheld milk frothed and whipped for approximately five minutes.

Assembly: Place the panna cotta on a bed of fried asparagus. Top off with a spoonful whipped coffee. Decorate with a thin slice of raw young white asparagus bent into a loop as well as with pink forget-me-not blossom.


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  1. Delicious.πŸ˜€

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  2. homeschoolguru says:

    I am going to have to try this! Thanks so much.

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  3. chefkreso says:

    Simple and so tasty!

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  4. Oh Mums, your recipes are so delicate and delicious to read. I feel like I’m on a mountain top with a soft, fresh breeze blowing, and the faint smell of coffee coming from a small house nearby. You are the only one I know who makes recipes feel like poetry.


  5. Quite right there, love ❀️ Have a wonderful weekend β˜€οΈ

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  6. Thank you so much, dear β€οΈπŸ™πŸΌπŸ₯°


  7. It’s so worth a try πŸ₯° I can definitely understand the hype ❀️ Please feel free to share the result πŸ˜‰

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  8. Razdeep says:

    Nice one

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  9. Thank you so much, dear πŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈπŸ˜˜


  10. That sounds amazing 🀩


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