Vegan Enchanted Forest 🌱

Remember the monthly food challenge hosted by Food Blogs Schweiz? It’s been a while since I participated last time. Mainly because the brief didn’t correspond with me. This month’s brief – BBQ – does and I decided to give it a go. For this vegan treat, I grilled green asparagus, button mushrooms and lemon and turned everything into an enchanted forest. Yes, you read right. Grilling lemon halves with the flesh side down will render a caramelized crust and a beautifully sweet flavor. A must, really.

Green asparagus brunoise: Grill green asparagus. Remove the tips – you’ll need them for decoration. Brunois the stems and taste them with fleur de sel and the juice of grilled lemon.

Duxelles: Grill button mushrooms. Season with fleur de sel, fresh thyme and the juice of grilled lemon. Chop until super fine.

Herb cream: Blend fresh cilantro, chives and lemon balm as well as avocado and fleur de sel with soy cream until smooth and fluffy.

Assembly: Draw a line with the cream. Place dollops of brunoise and duxelles on both sides of the line. Decorate with tips of grilled green asparagus, cucumber spheres, fresh button mushroom, fresh white radish, slices of fresh fennel, fresh fennel and thyme leaves as well as violet and cilantro blossom.


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  1. Such a amazing

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  2. Thank you, dear 🙏🏼❤️😘


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