Vegan Raw Food with Barley Grass Dip 🌱

Have you ever tried barley grass? Barley – one of the world’s oldest crops – is said to have multiple health benefits i.a. regarding the digestive system, detoxification and the immune system. Not surprisingly at all, this super food has a long history of medicinal use dating back thousands of years. I was correspondent intrigued to give it a go, when dear Janik from Weizengrassaft asked if I wanted to try their products. This is the outcome of my first trial.

Dip: Mix finely chopped fresh or frozen barley grass juice with soy yoghurt, agave syrup to cut the bitterness and salt to taste.

Assembly: On a brush stroke of dip, place salted slices of fresh cucumber, sweet peas and blueberries. Decorate with purple mauve blossom and basil leaves.


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