Vegan Ratatouille Spehere

One of the perks of spending the summer holidays in one of the most fruitful regions of the country — Seeland — is the infinite access to local produce of excellent quality. This plant-based dish summarizes the diversity of all those beautiful regional veggies.

Ratatouille spehere: Sauté chopped onion, bell pepper, aubergine, carrot, squash and tomato. Flavor with sun dried tomatoes, salt and fresh rosemary. Add some red wine and water and simmer until the veggies are super tender. Blend until smooth and strain through a fine sieve. Measure your ratatouille and add 8 g agar agar pro 500 ml ratatouille. Simmer for three minutes and transfer to spherical molds before allowing to set in the fridge. I used molds for ice making.

Raw mirepoix: Brunoise carrots, squash, tomatoes and bell peppers. Taste with finely chopped sun dried tomatoes and their aromatic oil, fleur de sel and black pepper.

Piment d’Espelette Walnuts: Chop up some walnuts and roast them in a dry pan. Season virgin olive oil with piment d’Espelette and fleur de sel. Toss the hot nuts in the seasoned oil.

Assembly: Tie fresh chive as a belt around a sphere. Place dollops of mirepoix, nuts and crumbled pumpernickel. Decorate with chive blossom.

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