Vegan Apples with Beans 🌱

When the farmers‘ market gives you wonderful purple beans and you get homegrown apples from your dear neighbors, this culinary creation in complementary colors is born.

Bean purée: Blend boiled kidney beans. Taste with fleur de sel and a couple of drops liquid smoke.

Apple sauce deluxe: Peel and seed apples. Simmer them in some water until they turn mushy. Blend with soy yoghurt and taste with fleur de sel and vegan mustard.

Caramelized apples: Peel, seed and dice apples. Season with maple leaf syrup and cinnamon and caramelize in a medium hot pan.

Assembly: Place dollops of bean purée, apple sauce and caramelized apples next to each other. Decorate with the pods and seeds of blanched purple beans (they actually turn green during the cooking process) as well as carnation, mallow and mint blossom.


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