Vegan Autumn Treat 🌱

Grapes, apples and plums from our neighborhood – those are the protagonists of my contribution for the current challenge hosted by Foodblogs Schweiz. This month, the challenge coincides with the Regio Challenge hosted by Kleinbauern Vereinigung. The idea is quite simple: Only consuming produce from a distance of a bicycle tour (30 km) from home. Additionally, any three joker ingredients may be used. I chose cinnamon, soy yoghurt and flour. All in all, I used only six ingredients (and some garnish from my garden), but still managed to create a multitude of consistencies and tastes. Sometime more really is less.

Plum lokum: Clean and seed plums. Simmer until they turn soft and then strain through a fine sieve. Simmer the pulp until it turns sticky.

Plum yoghurt: Mix equal parts of plum lokum and soy yoghurt. Season with cinnamon.

Plum crackers: Mix one part plum lokum and two parts whole-wheat flour. Season with cinnamon. Roll into tiny balls, press them thin and bake them for a couple of minutes at 180°C.

Grape lokum: Use aromatic grapes, like Uva Americano, and proceed like described under plum lokum above.

Grape yoghurt. Mix equal parts of grape lokum and soy yoghurt.

Sous-vide apples: Peel, seed and cut apples into rectangular pieces. Taste with cinnamon, place in a vacuum bag and sous vide at 80°C for approximately one hour. Sprinkle with cinnamon and roast with a kitchen torch.

Apple chips: Clean and thinly slice apples. Dry at 80°C for a couples of hours.

Assembly: Place dollops of lokum and yoghurt into a line next to a sous-vide apple. Decorate with crackers and chips as well as fresh lemon balm and chrysanthemum blossom.

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