Vegan Fall Treasures 🌱

I love fall with all its treasures. Chestnuts. Pumpkin. Apple. Beetroot. And mushrooms. That’s what you’ll find in my contribution for the October food challenge hosted by Foodblogs Schweiz. Well, that and a creamy Oatotto. Who else is for team Fall?

Oatotto: Roast 200 ml whole oat until golden. Add a finely chopped shallot and two garlic cloves and cover with 400 ml vegetable broth. Simmer until the oat is tender. Add 50 ml soy cream for smoothness.

Veggie spheres: Carve pumpkin, apple, beetroot and celeriac spheres of different sizes. Blanch them briefly in salted water and then plunge them into cold water.

Oyster fungus: Sear oyster fungus in olive oil. Season with fleur de sel.

Roasted chestnuts and pumpkin seeds: Roast chestnuts and pumpkin seeds and season them with pumpkin seed oil, fleur de sel and Piment d’Espelette.

Assembly: Place the oatotto into a circle by using a plating ring. Place the veggies, seeds and chestnuts around it. Decorate with fungus as well as young beetroot and Swiss chard leaves.


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