Vegan Rispor 🌱

Today, I’m super excited to be cooking for Across Kitchen Lines together with Tarun Sehgal. I’ve prepared a very traditional Swiss dish from the canton of Uri featuring rice and leek. As always, I veganized it and plated it à la Heidi.

Risotto: Toast Riso Venere. Add an equal amount of finely chopped leek and a splash of white wine. Once absorbed, add vegetable stock, little by little. Don’t forget to stir in between. Once fully cooked, add some soy cream for a smooth texture.

Leek pearls: Blend the green part of a leek with an equal part of fresh parsley. Taste with fleur de sel. Strain through a fine sieve. Save the solids for the crackers and the mousse and add 8 g agar agar pro 500 ml liquid. Bring the liquid to a boil and simmer for 2-3 minutes. Transfer to a pearl mold and allow to set in the freezer.

Leek crackers: Paint a rice paper with leek solids on both sides. Bake for 4 minutes at 180°C.

Leek mousse: Blend leek solids with whipped soy cream.

Sous-vide leek: Cut the white part of a leek into coins. Transfer to a bag and season with salt, white pepper and a bay leaf. Sous-vide at 70°C for 45 minutes.

Assembly: Arrange the risotto into a crescent. Decorate it with sous-vide leek, roasted onion, leek pearls, chrysanthemum blossom, leek crackers and cress leaves. Place the mousse into the crescent.


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