Vegan Carrot Cake 🌱

Today, the culinary journey through Sofia‘s vegan cookbook “Little Vegan Artisan” ends. At least, for now. Like every meal, this journey will end with something sweet. Cake: Mix 50 g oat meal, 25 g ground almonds, 25 g ground hazelnuts, 25 g whole-wheat spelt flour, 45 g coconut blossom sugar and 1 tsp baking powder….

Vegan Candied Almond Semifreddo 🌱

There’s a long tradition of autumn fairs in Switzerland. For obvious reasons, most of them have been cancelled this year. That’s why we from Swiss Food Discovery decided to share our favorite autumn fair treats with you. Mine features candied almonds. What’s your favorite autumn fair treat? Semifreddo: Start by preparing the sugar almonds. I…