Strawberry and white asparagus salad with pan-seared trout and basil dressing

A new month means a new challenge by Foodblogs Schweiz. This month, the food basket contained asparagus, strawberries, morels, woodruff, romanesco and lemon balm. This selection of ingredients facilitates such a number of appealing combinations that I will be posting corresponding culinary creations throughout this and the upcoming week. First up: white asparagus and strawberries….

Trout • Apple • Celeriac • Chives

This soup combines a smoky fish piquancy, a tart autumn apple note, subtly earthy celeriac flavors and an oniony chive aroma. It’s easy to make, low on carbs and it plates beautifully. In other words: perfect for your next dinner party. Soup: Peel and chop celeriac and apple, half and half. Boil them in salted…

Whole grilled trout

How does a food blogger spend a lazy Sunday? She sends her hubby fishing and lets him prepare his catch for dinner. This herb-stuffed trout is juicy and flavorful. And healthy. And low-carb. A perfect meal, really. Stuff one trout per person with lime and any fresh herbs you like (we used thyme) as well…

Trout • Rhubarb • Asparagus • Vitelotte

Today, I felt like experimenting. Like cooking something I’ve never had before. A new combination – at least for me. So I started combining tastes in my head. Fish goes well with acid. Rhubarb is acid and in season. White asparagus as well and so far not part of any of my dishes this year….