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Mums is Swedish and means “Yummy”. As a Swiss-based Swedish-speaking Finn, it is important for me to touch base with my roots. Food playing such an essential part in the culture, my cooking is heavily influenced by the Nordic tradition. That does not mean that I am conservative, though. Quite the contrary: I’d like to think of myself as a rather open minded omnivore not afraid of trying unconventional combinations. The common denominators in my dishes are playfulness, seasonal – if possible – organic ingredients and low-carb (yes, I’m that vain).

In British English, Mums is short for chrysanthemums – one of my favorite flowers to integrate into my cooking. I decorate with edible flowers, whenever I have the possibility to. Preferably with homegrown ones.

Furthermore, Mums refers to motherhood. As a busy working-mom, cooking together with my daughters is an enjoyable way of spending quality time together. The social aspects of cooking and eating are highly cherished in our family. I am really blessed that my girls and my husband share my interest in food. This passion is reflected in my cooking.

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🌱 indicates that the dish is vegan.

💚 indicates that the dish is vegetarian.

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